Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that the First Congress of Clinical Biochemists and Laboratory Specialists of Serbia with international participation will be held in Belgrade from November 27th to 29th, 2019. The opening ceremony will be held on November 27th in the room of the Serbian Medical Association, Kraljice Natalije 3 Street, and the planned lectures and symposia will be held on November 28th and 29th at Hotel M, Bulevar oslobodjenja 56a.

By Decision of the Health Council of the Republic of Serbia no. 153-02-01685 / 2019-01 dated 19.08.2019 (Accreditation Number A-1-2206 / 19), the Congress was accredited with 15 points for lecturers, 13 for oral presentation, 11 for poster presentation and 10 for passive participation.

The Congress of Clinical Biochemists and Laboratory Specialists of Serbia with international participation is organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the specialization in clinical biochemistry. In addition to specialists in clinical biochemistry, this Congress is also intended for physicians, specialists in laboratory medicine, as a new integrative and polyvalent specialty that has evolved from clinical biochemistry, as well as physicians of other specialties who use the results of laboratory diagnostics in daily practice. Bearing in mind the dynamics of updating laboratory technology on one hand, as well as finding new and reliable biomarkers on the other, it is necessary to emphasize the interpretation of the results as one of the basic activities of doctors of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine. At our first Congress, within plenary lectures and symposia, eminent experts from the country and abroad will present their knowledge and experience, as well as scientific and professional achievements, related to the research and application of biomarkers of various diseases. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from the region and abroad and to look at the problems that accompany daily lab work. We hope that this gathering will contribute to improving the quality of laboratory diagnostics, improving cooperation between clinicians and clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine specialists, and thus improving health care in Serbia.

We believe that through your participation you will contribute to the Congress being held in a pleasent atmosphere while meeting the highest levels of scientific standards, for mutual benefit and satisfaction.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Congress

Prof. Dr. Natasa Petronijević

President of the Congress Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Simić, SASA

President of the Congress Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Isaković

President of the Section for Clinical biochemistry, Serbian Medical Society